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07/07/2020 14:43

Truths vs Myths

Myths vs Truths How has each one of us been raised?  Each generation may share some similar stories yet as individuals we answer the question with our unique response.  The story begins officially for us perhaps once we establish what our first memories are.  Like any great story,...


31/01/2020 20:51

Today IS the day

Procrastination.  Or is today the day?  For what?  Check what you are wearing on your wrist, neck or a myriad of obvious locations.  Are we all wearing some type of obvious medical id?  Please do not be ashamed of the health cards you have been dealt.  And the same...


29/11/2019 18:27

Not Once, Not Twice

Could today bring with it 12 times normal human strength?  Perhaps the number varies from day to day & year to year.  How about 12 times the acceptance?  Good question.  Today is my 12 year diaversary.  Of course I am never celebrating type 1 diabetes ever however I do...


29/10/2019 12:34

Because Shit Happened

  Hello Fall, crispy leaves under 4 plus 2 feet moving almost in unison.  Almost.  That is the picture of our 9 year old goldie & I enjoying the beauty in our wee corner of the world.  My walk has always been naturally a speed walk so it is more like a jog.  Beddy...


26/06/2019 14:28

Choosing Neither Approach

  Do we sometimes get the impression that we have to choose between one of two options?  Seldom is this truly the case in my experience.  When it comes to diabetes management there are more likely going to be a plethora of potential factors.  Type 1 diabetes is simply one slice...


28/05/2019 18:23

Next Posting

The next story posting will be mid to late June as I am currently "in line" for my new insulin pump.  It will be fun to share my first impressions of a brand new pump as I have been using the same pump brand for the past 10 years & this next one is totally new in every way.  It feels...


30/01/2019 12:47

I Know I Don't Know and Other Stand on Your Head Stuff

  How do you know if you really know something or anything?  Perhaps the best starting point is to clothe oneself in humility.   I have learned over the years that the opposite of pride is humility.  Humility is my aim.  With pride, can one really even believe that...


29/11/2018 11:02

#13, Counter Intuitive, Paradoxes

  Can you guide something, anything at all to be better by sheer will power alone?  Maybe looking at the tiny, microscopic details can help a little bit at a time.  I am not referring to anything big like solving any disease or large scale suffering within our world.  What...


27/09/2018 10:25

Full Moon Tetter Totter Ride

Fall has arrived in my little corner of the world.  You will be able to smell Fall down the road from our home as the smell of the second batch of spice cookies celebrates another season of all things spice, pumpkin & apple.   In many ways Fall represents a blanket of sorts.  It...


29/05/2018 14:24

The Curve, "D" Zone & Generations

  Easier does not mean easy.  How many times have you experienced the well-meaning person that comes up to you & says, “I see you have an insulin pump so that takes care of your diabetes luckily.”  Is that a pain in the neck or another part of your anatomy?  Having lived...