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Today IS the day

31/01/2020 20:51

Procrastination.  Or is today the day?  For what?  Check what you are wearing on your wrist, neck or a myriad of obvious locations.  Are we all wearing some type of obvious medical id?  Please do not be ashamed of the health cards you have been dealt.  And the same goes for absolutely everyone who has a 365.  Take this exact moment please to check to make sure you are definitely wearing a medic alert on the outside where it can be found...a bracelet, necklace or tattoo to name a few ideas.    And pass the gift of love onto every single person that you know right this moment to always wear a medic alert for any and all health conditions.  It can save a life after all.  I have always worn a medic bracelet. This past week I happened upon a medic id item that will be the bee's knees for me.  I plan to  order this cool item & add it to my smartwatch band.  It is called MyID and if you wear a smartwatch or fitbit it may be appealing to you too.  What sets this id apart is the sleeve that goes over your smartwatch band has a QR code to scan that has 3 areas of info. (access by website, phone number or scanning the QR code)  You can set up a free unlimited medical profile that you can update by the MyID app by inputting your personal info, medical condition, emergency contacts, allergies, medications and doctor contact info.  

This is a brilliant tool.  As always, I am not receiving any renumeration for mentioning this product.  

Whatever you choose as a medical id, please always wear it...always.  And some things truly need to be actioned immediately.  This is one of them.

My heart's hope is that you take the best care of yourself.  Start with having an alert id & always always wear it.

Smiles,  Saundie

My next story will be in 8 weeks.