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You Cannot Judge a Man (or Gal) By the Clothes They Wear or the "Puddles"!

23/11/2012 09:16

If you are like me & countless other folks, a trip to the dentist’s office is something that you look forward to being over with.  Diabetes or no diabetes, taking care of our teeth is the “next right thing to do.”  Here’s the part that may surprise you.  Going to the dental office can be a laughing matter!

It is great when you can find clothes (hoodies or pants) that are “diabetes friendly.”  Style can be a bonus yet if I am looking for something “perfect” for walking, I am thrilled when I find clothing that is functional & meets the need to inconspicuously & comfortably carry my diabetes supplies.  Early spring, I found a hoodie that was “the one” for walking.  Super…it had secret inside pockets…2 of those & of course 2 outside pockets.  That meant that I could put my meter in one inside pocket & my fast acting sugar in the other “secret” pocket & then pack my walking music in an outside pocket & my cell phone in the other outside pocket.  Sensational, I thought!

Stay with me…there really is a connection between the dentist, humour & walking clothes!  One morning late last spring, I got up super early & put all my “supplies” into my “super hoodie” & off our goldie (Beddy) & I went on a nice long walk to the lake & back.  It was a gorgeous, sunny day out & there were oodles of other people out walking as well.  Every so often, Beddy & I stopped to have a wee chat with other folks.  Well, having a bit of the “gift of the gab” (was that inherited ha! Ha!), I course lost track of time.  Yikes, I checked the time half-way along the walk & I had very little time to get back home & make it to a scheduled appointment.  Now, this is not the part where we hail a cab & the dog & I go to the dentist’s but that is a picture in my mind that I am laughing at right now!

We walked very briskly home & then I got ready quickly to go to my appointment…yes to the dentist’s office.  Being in a hurry, I did not stop to change or take anything out of my pockets.  Yay, I arrived on time for my appointment for a cleaning.  The hygienist is a very competent, professional gal who does not chat a great deal.  The appointment was finished & I was just about to get up out of the reclined chair when the hygienist had a funny look come over her face & a “oh, what happened here?”  I looked down on the floor & there was a small pool/puddle of yellow liquid.  That got me laughing & laughing & I jokingly said to her that the appointment had made me so anxious that I must have had an accident.  Once I could stop laughing, I explained that I had put an orange juice box into my inside back hoodie pocket.  While leaning back in the chair, the box had obviously burst & then leaked down onto the floor.  I offered to clean the sticky mess up however the hygienist was so gracious & insisted that it was no trouble.   Clothes, the dental visit & humour do mix!

As an aside, in a little over a week, I am due to go back for my next dental cleaning appointment.  Some folks see the prudence of checking their pant pockets before putting them in the laundry & for this gal, I see the need for me to check my “secret” inside pockets before going to the dental office!

Hope we have shared a laugh today together!

Smiles, Saundie J