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Well, it's "Hokey" Yet that's "It"

24/05/2013 09:26

If you are a parent or are a babysitter, then you may have had the enjoyment of watching one of the movies in the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” series.  My husband & I were surprised in a great way when we watched the first movie in the series with our 3 sons. 

Do you find that what can often cause movies to entice our laughter is the mere fact that many are based on real life experiences?  As an aside, every single year just days before Christmas, our family sits down to a laughfest that is delivered by the movie, “Christmas Vacation!”  We may realize that the parts of the movie that we find so hilarious are the ones based upon what is happening either within our families or families around us.  Do we recognize within the cast of characters within the film anyone that behaves in a similar fashion?  We each get to answer that question for ourselves & in a spirit of kind laughter.  That movie is medicinal during the super stressful Christmas season we find.  The thing with holiday seasons is that if we have diabetes that it is a lot like balancing “the fish in the pot” in a Seuss-like fashion.  Man, having some humour during those times is a priceless gift that we can give ourselves!  My Dad has had a joke file from my earliest childhood recollection.  Dad is both humourous, inspirational & kind & I love & admire my Dear Heart Dad.  It was such wonderful timing when the re-make of the film, “Father of the Bride” was released in the movie theatres right before my husband’s & my wedding.  It was such a stress-buster, perspective creator at the time.  My Dad instantly took on the persona of the character “Fronc” & he lightened up the environment throughout the months leading up to “the big day.”  Our Father/Daughter dance at the wedding was even from the music from that movie & not at all your traditional dance choice with the tempo being fast & full of laughter.  It was so “just right” though because I was given an over the top sentimental heart & so having a traditional song with sentimental lyrics in it would have surely resulted in me being one mascara melted mess!  Dad knew that.  He is an everyday hero & I love him higher than Heaven.

Okay, back to the present day.  Our sons laughed like hyenas when they watched one of the scenes of the first in the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” series.  The scene was of the mom in the movie who naively came up with the idea of giving the 2 older brothers “Mom bucks” to spend time together in relationship building activities.  The reason why our sons broke out in laughter as they pointed to me was because about 6 months prior to that, I had come out with an idea that we implemented in our home called “I caught you doing something right.”  My thought was that there is plenty of “opportunity” out there for our human family to sustain criticism.  The thing lacking I believed (& still do) is encouragement or celebration of what others are “doing right.”  My idea within our family had been to ensure that the boys could concretely see that when they behaved in positive ways that they received the “I caught you doing something right” cards instantly.  Although the boys laughed & laughed when they saw the mom in the movie doing something similar although magnified, our sons were pretty happy with the outcome of our “I caught you doing something right” cards.  We made up a little chart of how to achieve the cards & what x number of cards represented in terms of “goodies.”  The idea even evolved & the boys are really into it.

The idea of “I caught you doing something right” & the rewards or natural consequences is a fairly basic one.  It may even be perceived as a bit “hokey” yet it is a wee reminder to us as adults to remember to appreciate those around us.  We can even remember to appreciate ourselves & those closest to us.  Sometimes it is easier to see the great deeds that either acquaintances or strangers are doing within community groups or communities.  Sometimes it is easier to appreciate those people close to us & sometimes it is easier to have automatic gratitude towards those that are acquaintances or strangers.  Gratitude though without expression is a missed opportunity I feel.  We might just “make someone’s day” by simply sharing a few words of gratitude with that person. 

If we have diabetes or another 365 challenge, we may find that we have additional people in our lives that we can go ahead & show gratitude towards as we “catch these folks doing something right.”  It could be something as small as someone letting us go ahead in the grocery store line when they see us with 1 small carton of juice when we have a sudden episode of hypoglycemia.  It could be a smile, a hand on ours as well in another setting.  It could be someone telling us a joke to make us laugh & lift our spirits or lend us a book that they think we would find inspirational.  It could be an unsung hero that quietly finds ways to help out just out of love.  There are countless people that I find to thank for things big & small that have lightened the load of diabetes.  Although I thank them for the kind deed, I don’t often get into the diabetes piece.  Let’s face it, whether we articulate it or not, diabetes has a way of “flaring up” by giving us the “high numbers” on our glucose meters when we are involved in stressful moments throughout the day.  Anyone that helps out with lessoning the load or caring is a person that I feel I have caught doing something super right!  For several weeks, my husband & I have had the blessing of journeying along with a community group each week on a spiritual adventure.  Finding the humour within diabetes, it may not surprise you to learn that I have always loved to bake for loved ones.  I find that it is the only way to stir in the love to share with Dear Hearts.  With this group, I love to stir in the love.  This is an extraordinary group of Dear Hearts that are filled with love & grace & welcome & care & generosity.  Each week someone tries to clandestinely bring something either in the form of treats for the group or cards or information to share.  I hope to always catch these Dear Hearts “doing something right” & really give them my heart’s gratitude.  What they do makes such a difference to all of us.  I know that these Dears do not do anything for the sake of praise.  They do what they do out of love & kindness.  It makes it all the more natural & necessary to return this love right back to them.  Don’t you think that love is actually the best & most important “recycling program” out there?  I do.

My heart’s hope for you is that you find infinite ways to thank the Dear Hearts in your life for making a difference whether you have diabetes or another 365 challenge.  If we call it a “caught you doing something right” idea, that’s fine.  If we call it something else, that’s fine too.  The best part is that we get to return the love that others give in a way that makes our hearts and theirs smile.

Smiles, Saundie :)

May your weekend be filled with a thousand "hokey" moments that fill up your heart & Monday's sharing is entitled, "Timeless & Never Goes Out of Style." :)