Our Diabetes/365 Community IS our cuppa!

Website launched

14/11/2012 19:21

Welcome to Our Community!   The hope is that through sharing, understanding & supporting one another, we will all feel a sense of belonging.  You are home here whether you have type 1, type 2, pre-diabetes, love someone with diabetes or you have another 365 health challenge or are someone who loves a person with a "365" health challenge.  Each one of us have a story inside us & it matters.  Sometimes through humour, tears, frustration with the illness that we have, we find our story evolves in different ways.  This is the spot that we get to say, "me too" as we see that others are struggling out there.  And we get to celebrate one another.  Not everyone is meant to scale the side of Mount Everest.  Every one of us has a hero inside of us though...that is the part of us that propels us each & every day to "give it all we've got" no matter what the day brings.  Best of all, we are sharing our collective journeys together & that is the heart of what community means truly.



Saundie :)



Saun's "Diabetey" Community

14/11/2012 13:28

Celebrating Our Collective Diabetes Community

The best way to celebrate World Diabetes Day this year is to bring together our community in understanding & support I felt.  Diabetes...we are in this together & so put on your kettle & let's share some stories of humour, hope, understanding & old-fashioned kindness...