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Visitors notice

14/11/2012 19:22

Hi, what are some of the cool things that you are doing to build awareness of diabetes in your circle of family, friends & community?  In the past, I had found it sometimes frustrating when I had the expectation that I should not need to explain what life with diabetes is like to folks without diabetes.  Over time, I have come to learn that with sharing of our life experiences comes understanding & acceptance by others. 


The 5 activities that I committed to doing this November are:

1.  Write an article about diabetes within our community every day in November (I had begun writing on Nov. 1st prior to the blog being created via my Facebook)

2.  Doing the "next right thing" to work on getting my A1C down again below 7%  (during the summer, I had a bit too much fun with our boys & did not pay enough attention to blood sugars oh dear)

3.  Visit Banting House with my family this month!  (for the first time)

4.  Read 3 books about Sir Frederick Banting this November

5.  Create a blog that would be community building for folks either living with diabetes or their caregivers...a hope-filled one


Cannot wait to build our community!!  Saundie (aka Saun"Tea") :)