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The Picture of You

28/11/2012 09:15

Each one of us goes through ups & downs in life whether we have diabetes or not.  That is a part of life.  It is how we look at the hills & valleys that cross our paths that can make all the difference I have found.

Are you an optimist or a pessimist or an optimistic pessimist or a pessimistic optimistic in your thinking?  The great news I passionately believe is that although each one of us does not always have the ability to change what is happening within our lives, we always, always have the choice about how we talk to our mind about these things.  That is a huge choice. 

There are times when I get asked, “how can you have a positive attitude all the time?”  You know what, it can be really hard work sometimes.  I find that on the days where I am feeling especially under the weather that it is not necessarily the easiest thing in the world to feel upbeat.  Aha, that is true.  Like most folks, if I have a case of the flu, you will not see me out & about in the community being bubbly & ignoring the symptoms.  Instead, hopefully like most folks, I admit that I am taking a sick day & my goldie & I snuggle in with “provisions”.  That is understandable.  When it comes to day in & day out though, it is a daily choice that I make to have a heart of gratitude.  There is always something that I am thankful for…countless people & blessings daily.  This attitude does not necessarily happen all by itself.

If we are counting carbs, then why not measure in some good “food” for the mind at the same time.  What speaks to your heart in a positive way?  Is it a photo of your family or a Dear Heart Friend?  Is it a place?  What do you most look forward to?  Does art speak to your heart?  It could be a beautiful painting or books with words that lift you.  For me it is all of these!  The day starts off here just as it does in homes of many families with an air of chaos.  It is that race to get the boys to school on time…again like countless other families.  Great, mission accomplished.  I love to then feed my mind for the day if I have not already had a chance.  It may simply be a quick read of a quote or a moment to enjoy a picture that brings the “just rightness” to the day.  It is a treat to read books of lives that are inspirational.  It is a world of endless choices to bring into our minds.  The welcoming of bringing more beauty into our attitudes I find is energizing.

Over the years, I believe that I have become a realistic optimist.  I have always been an optimist yet some days a person may need to arm herself or himself with “positivity” & bring it along even if the world outside our homes is not necessarily on the same page.  The great news is that attitude can be contagious.  Even if it is not…well, that’s okay.

There have been times when folks over the years have said to me, “a positive attitude is easy as long as you are around other folks that are like-minded.”  That is true.  What if though we simply take our “I will do the next right thing today” attitude with us no matter how anyone else chooses to think or behave?  It could make for a pretty super day.  On a realistic note, for sure folks cross your path from time to time that are “hardened pessimists”.  That is a choice for those particular folks.  Those encounters cause me to be even more committed to my “next right thing thinking day.”  If it has been a bit of an exhausting interchange from time to time, there is a prescription for that I have found.  The antidote that works every time for me is humour!  It does not hurt I think to have a “library” of stuff that just plain tickles your funny bone!  The last time that I pulled out the source of humour that always makes me laugh, the choice was Wallace & Gromit.  There is a line in one of the episodes that Wallace says & it is, “well that went about as well as expected!”  You know what, Wallace & Gromit may not be the answer for you, yet there is something that will turn the day around for you as well!  I hope you find it & bring it out whenever needed & my hope is that it is really not required that often.  The best news is that most folks out there are absolute gems!

Smiles, Saundie J