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The Conflicted Cookie Cutter

18/01/2013 10:34

Do you think that there may be a conflict within each of us between both being unique individuals while at the same time the pull to be “the same” as others?

When we reflect upon “sameness” what does that mean to us?  Do we look at this through the lens of being pulled to being similar to others or is our feeling more of a non magnetic one?  In looking at things that are the same or similar, we may think of things that can be likened to a cookie cutter or being a “Borg-like” character similar to Star Trek.   Okay, how about the gravitation towards wanting to have that shared feeling of similarity?  The positive side of similarities can be that when we share something in common with others, we feel a sense of belonging.  Is it just plain easier most of the times for others out there to accept you or me into their circle of friends if they view us as similar? 

Have you noticed the need for individuals to feel a sense of uniqueness?  My generation of parents for example has for the most part chosen to name our children names that we had not heard in past generations.  There is nothing right or wrong with that from my way of thinking.  You must know at least a few people in your life that love to stand out in a crowd.  Maybe that is you.  Again, that is exactly right either way.

Okay, how about if you find though that there are many times in life where you feel that sense of conflict of “sameness” & “uniqueness” at the same time?  Here’s where I have found this to be most prevalent, 365 health challenges!  Each of us is more than our challenge whether we have diabetes or another 365 health challenge.  In life, more often than not as the journey of life continues, I find myself as someone that does not “fit the mold.”  You know what…I am totally comfortable with that!  The thing is that, I found that I had to make a decision to get to that comfort of being that “square peg, round hole.”  Along the way, folks have been puzzled by my style, the way I live my life, my outlook, the out of the box choices, my way of thinking & so on.  Some folks have come to understand my style a little better along the way & others have “not gotten it” & that’s okay.  It is not up to any of us to change others’ attitudes by words.  If another person decides to make an attitudinal choice, it will be more likely precipitated by how each of us continue to live our lives day by day…choice by choice, doing our best to simply do the “next right thing.”  Then consider that there are also folks out there that while they may or may not understand us, they accept us either way.  Again, I maintain that it is due to our actions day by day.  Hey, I have made mistakes along the way yet I am committed to learning from these & making better choices…doing my best to with honesty & love simply do “the next right thing.”  Isn’t it neat when we stop focusing on trying to “blend in” & simply instead minute by minute engage in the actions of “next right thing.” behaviours & actions.

You may be wondering if any connection will be made between this conflict of uniqueness, sameness & diabetes/365 health challenges.  It is my feeling that there are times when we may feel like “blending in” at least at times when it comes to our health challenges.  We do not choose to have a health challenge that is for sure!  If you find yourself in a crowd of what appears to be healthy folks, it feels perhaps uncomfortable at times if you or I are the only ones needing to pull out a glucose meter or an insulin syringe or insulin pump or “have the shakes” from low blood sugar.  While you & I may be completely comfortable & at peace with being “exactly ourselves”, perhaps the one area that we gravitate towards sameness is in the need for community of understanding.  During January, I have been very devoted in reaching out to folks with type 1 diabetes so that we each have that “I accept you instantly” community.    Here’s the great news, my heart"s passion is that through our community & as time goes on, we all welcome others while continuing to  shine brilliantly.    There is always room in our community to welcome each & every person not only with type 1 diabetes but also every person with a health challenge as well as folks that support those of us with health challenges.

It is my perspective that we actually may not be as conflicted between sameness & uniqueness after all.  How about if we look at it this way instead:  we are each awesomely unique & we come together like colours of a rainbow instead of the colours being mixed together like from all the paint cans into one.  We can be together creating something incredibly beautiful.  What do you think?  I am all in!

Smiles, Saundie :)