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New Webpage Graphics

27/02/2013 17:29

Greetings Community!

Do you find that part way through the winter months that you either want to add more "light" in one way or another to your days?  Me too!  Just for a wee change,  you will see a new graphic & set up for our community website.

It is a little bit like a new "outfit" for the website on a joking note.

My heart's hope is that you enjoy the mini-makeover of the site.  It kind of reminds us of what we have to look forward to again this spring/summer/fall again after the snow leaves us.  There is something rejuvenating about graphics of nature...and as you know I love to share, "the more trees, the brighter the day!"  So we may be couped up some days due to inclement weather, but our spirits are exactly "light" & beautiful.

Enjoy & Smiles,

Saundie :)