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Love Is Stronger

17/12/2012 00:00

Understandably, our hearts & thoughts are filled with the outpouring of compassion with Friday’s indescribable losses.  Collectively, we are profoundly shocked.  Most of all, we share in a sadness beyond words for the families enduring a pain that no one should ever face.

The young faces that we do not know & have not seen as well as the adults & all the families that lost a loved one in this tragedy need to be remembered & honoured my heart says.

The prayer as well is that many changes are made within societies…ones that will serve to protect our collective children, brothers, sisters, moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandmas, grandpas, friends & people we do not know. 

Where do our minds go as we process what has just happened?  Each of us is different just as we are meant to be.  Do we share a common community of human spirit though?  If not now, please let’s make this the promise to ourselves that we will “get there.”  You know that my heart’s passion is building community.  How do you build community after hearing about a tragedy?  My feeling is that we build it by intentionally choosing kindness with one another for starters.  It is in the small decisions daily I find that kindness is grown.  It can start with a simple slowing down & being “present” with others.  What do we see within one another’s eyes?  Is it pain or loneliness or is it something else?  Let’s stop & notice & then equally importantly, let’s choose to care instead of feeling either uncomfortable in another person’s pain or not wanting to get too involved.  We are all children…meant to be one human family. 

Folks are feeling a myriad of emotions in neon colour upon hearing Friday’s losses to our human family.  We have choices to make with one another.  We can choose to carry on with our every day “stuff.”  We can make choices that reflect that we are not willing or able to be comfortable feeling deeply sad.  We can enmesh ourselves in isolating behaviours.  How about if instead we decide & choose collectively as a human family to care about one another all the time.  How about if we go ahead & uncomfortable or not, we choose to reach out to others who are in pain within our human family.  How about if we decide to stop running frantically because a certain date is coming up on the calendar.  What if instead of doing that, we get silent with ourselves & let a heartfelt idea come to our minds & hearts in the form of an act of kindness for at least one other person right away.  I cannot remember who it was that had a wonderful quote yet it goes something like this…”you cannot do an act of kindness too soon.” 

As a community, we have a choice too about what we allow to linger within our minds.  Do we choose to honour the families feeling unspeakable heartbreak by uniting together in care & compassion?  Do we say right out loud, “love is stronger?”  What happened last Friday should not have happened.  What we do next defines us as part of the human family.  Let’s choose to reach out in small & big ways right away to one another from this point on.  It would make a fine human mission.  Let’s honour & care, send not only our prayers but also act towards one another in ways that are loving & kind too. 

Love absolutely lasts forever.

In Community,  Saundie