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If We Are "What We Eat", Then...

18/02/2013 10:37

We have all heard that saying, “you are what you eat.”  If we are sitting down to a nutritious meal then that cliché may appeal to us.  How about when we decide to take a break from healthy eating?  That may be when the saying mentioned is one we would rather not think about. 

Have you thought about our minds & spirits enjoying feasts as well?  What are we feeding our minds day in & day out?  There is a quote out there that says, “you become most like the 5 people that you spend the most time with.”  If we consider that those 5 or more people that we share the most time with are feeding our minds, then we may decide to ensure that these folks are battle buddies…folks that lift us up & want the best for us.  To me, those Dear Hearts include people who are genuine, caring, compassionate, honest, loving, accepting, inspiring, and sometimes push or pull me to “the next level.”  There are so many people out there who are everyday heroes.  I especially admire people who have gone through challenges & struggles yet they have allowed those experiences to shape them into incredible lights in this world.  Hey, it is so easy to list off the behaviours or qualities that we do not like yet, what about if we decide to shift our thinking to concentrate on the people in our lives that are day in & day out doing the next right thing.

If our minds are what we & others put into it, then what do we do if we are currently experiencing an onslaught of negativity?  It happens to almost everyone at some point in life.  I have been there too.  Yikes, it is a point that I personally do not want to choose to revisit.  My experience has been that in order to not go down that road of getting pulled into a world of negativity, I have had to ensure that I have a proactive plan in place.  Do you ever wish that you could give your younger self some guideposts?  Living in the present with a hopeful future though is what we have to feast on with the beginning of each new day.  What is the first thing that you tell yourself when you wake up in the morning?  Whether this first thought of the day is a “sunny” or “cloudy” thought, the great news is that we can “change the channel” on our thinking.  How great is that! 

Many years ago, my first mentor told me several gems of wisdom that stuck with me.   The first gem was that each one of us benefits in life by having a mentor & being a mentor.  He explained that “we don’t know what we don’t know” so we always benefit from the company of a wise mentor.  He went on to say as well that the way that we show our gratitude for the mentors that we have been given is to pass it on & be a mentor to someone else humbly when the time is right.  You know what, I just love that wise advice!

Do you enjoy reading?  How is the reading that you experience impacting your thoughts & spirit?  Everyone is unique.  Different books will speak to hearts in just the right way.  The food for my mind & spirit is a feast located all over our home, car and in my purse.  I don’t go anywhere without a spirit-building book.  You know what, if you find yourself waiting unexpectedly somewhere, there is nothing like a great book to turn the situation into a positive mini-retreat if you choose to think of it that way.

To share with you, the first thought that I have chosen to have every day since last spring is, “it is not about me.”  That means that instead, my thinking to start the day is focused on touching others’ lives.  There are so many struggles out there.  I know how that feels & don’t you find that if the struggle must happen that having someone there for you makes all the difference? 

Today, I also reflected upon what I would like to have more of in life.  My mind immediately went to peace.  What does peace mean to each of us?  It is sure to mean something specific & precious to each one of us.  When I reflect on peace, I don’t picture the world without strife or struggle.  Instead, it is more a view of a realistic optimist.  The picture is of our human family being at peace even in the middle of chaos.  It is really about each person reaching out with his or her unique gifts just like our mentors do for us.  It is passing on that care, compassion, understanding, belonging & love that we have each received.  It is the giving to others without expectation of reciprocation but rather just giving because it is the next right thing to do that lights up my spirit. 

If we have diabetes or another 365 challenge, there are those days that can be especially heavy & challenging.  Those are the days that we may especially love & appreciate the Dear Heart mentors in our lives & reach out to them for care & support.  We get to choose too to reach out to one another within our community & as they say, “there is strength in numbers.”  Add to that though, strength in spirit, care, compassion & belonging& these are the things that peace is made of.

What are you feeding your mind?  Do you like where your thoughts go or would you like to change them?  What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you wake up in the morning?  What do you want more of in your life?  New food recipes are being created constantly.  The great news is that we each can also create new recipes to feed our minds too.  It is a choice followed by effort.  It is a gift that we decide to give ourselves daily.  Then, we get to share our gifts with others. 

My heart’s hope for you is that you have Dear Heart mentors & battle buddies who feed your mind & spirit in profoundly caring ways.  And may you pass along your gems of wisdom & care & be a mentor to another Dear Heart in your life.

Smiles, Saundie :)

P.S.  Looking forward to sharing time with you again this Friday with the writing entitled, "When Hypo, Hamburger & Gravol Collide"