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Hives from neck to toes

15/09/2014 11:39

Dear Hearts,

A week ago my skin started having a reaction beginning on my legs that I thought was likely a flare up of my psoriasis but over the course of 7 days the problem spread from my toes to my neck & I am in fact covered in hives.  They are insanely itchy & so sleep deprivation has set in big time as I have only had 12 hours sleep in a week.  I am no stranger to hives since I got them so severely in first year university that I was hospitalized for a week.  I suppose I do everything big time & hives seems to be like this too...yikes.  My hope is that I get some relief & some sleep soon so that I can put a sentence together soon.  This week there is no new story to share but I really hope to feel well enough soon to have one ready for next Monday. 

This is not a woe is me but rather just to let you know why there is no new story this week.  My heart's hope is that you are well & loving the skin you are in. 

xo  Saundie