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"Froggy, Your Forgot Your..."

21/11/2012 09:07

When our second born son, Brian , was in junior kindergarten, he would bring home some of the funniest library books from school.  Brian has always had the best belly laugh & when he has “the giggles” to this day, it is a riot to listen to his laugh!  “Bri Guy” gets this sense of humour honestly since my Dear Heart Grandpa B & my Dad always had “joke files” & ready for a joke for all.  Humour shared with family & friends is a treasure & taking “myself a little more lightly” sometimes has been the prescription that is “just right”.

One day, Brian brought home one of the books from the “Froggy” book series.  I had never read one before & both Bri & I were instantly laughing with happy tears coming out of our eyes.  Those are the kind of laughs that are medicinal!  If you have not had the child-like enjoyment of reading a froggy book, they are usually about froggy & his memory challenges.  The book we read was about froggy trying to get dressed for a snowy day & each time froggy came outside he had forgotten to put on an article of clothing.  The friend outside would say, “froggy, you forgot your…”  The list went on & on for froggy of forgetting to put on a sweater, hat, gloves, etc.  Naturally, Bri & I found ourselves adding to the list & laughing those belly laughs.

At this point, you may be thinking…what in the world does a “froggy” story have to do with diabetes.  Glad you asked.  (ha! ha!)

Here comes the connection.  When I go on an “outing”, I try my best to prepare for the diabetes-related needs of the day.  My husband has on occasion joked that I suit up like diabetic Rambo for a walk & compliments me on my “suitcase” for picnics.  It is always said with a dear smile & a wink.  Even with great intentions of being organized for the “out & abouts”, the odd “froggy” event happens.  Two come to mind for me.  One time  I called home & said to Brian who picked up the phone, “Froggy, Mommy forgot her glucose meter.”  The funny part was that I was volunteering at a JDRF event.  It was not too far from our house so my husband was over with it in record time & a comment about me being “froggy”  & a smile & a wink & of course he could not resist adding…”I bet there are a few meters at this event anyhow.”  On a “Rambo walk”, I got all suited up with my walking belt full to the brim of necessary “stuff” for a long walk.  I was certain that I had every possible thing that I could want…my meter (check), fast acting sugar (check), water for the dog & I (check), cell phone (check…even charged), music (check), etc, etc.  Half way along the walk, I thought that I should check my glucose to see whether I needed to turn down my pump for the way back.  Aha, I sure had my meter however the lancet device was empty!  Thus, I lost my “Rambo Diabetic” “rank” within our household & received instead, a wink & a smile & of course…”froggy…you forgot”.

Although diabetes & other “365” challenges are not a laughing matter, I take myself lightly whenever possible because I have learned that a day without a laugh is like a day that the daylight did not come up!

Blessings for a non “froggy” diabetes day!!

Smiles, Saundie J