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Bring on the Hook & Ladder Truck!

22/04/2013 11:24

While we may or may not have a basement & a top floor within our homes, have we considered that we do have these things within our lives none the less?

We can consider the basement as attitudes that are negative & upper floors as positive attitudes & choices.  When we have either diabetes or another 365 challenge, it may be easier to gravitate at times towards the basements of our minds.  What is it about human nature that can pull us at times to thoughts of focusing on what is not going “right” within our lives?  One gem that I learned through ongoing reading is that the mind cannot seem to focus on gratitude & “grumbles” at the same time.  When I read that over 2 decades ago, I will share that I was excited about that!  That gives us the antidote then.  It means that if we choose to concentrate on things that we are grateful for or things that are going “right” in our lives, that we will be detracted from the “grumbles.”  Doesn’t that sound powerful yet simple?  It is as easy as climbing the stairs say to an unfinished basement to the upper floor balcony, opening the doors & stepping outside & breathing in all that is right in the world.  As always, it is all a choice that we each get to make every minute of the day, every day of our lives.

If we have been from a mind perspective living in “the basement” for a significant amount of time, how do we climb those metaphorical stairs?  Just like in real life, one stair at a time, and maybe even with the assistance of a “battle buddy” or gentle giant, mentor or everyday hero.  We can choose to see or look to others who are looking out the top floor balcony from an attitude & action of living life fully.  Attitudes are contagious so we may want to set ourselves up for success at “catching” the one that we want.

A friend of ours that knows that I am “addicted” to reading on my journey of continuous learning, suggested that I read, “Animal School” a number of years ago.    It is a beautifully illustrated book about various animals & their personality styles & how either challenging life was or rewarding.  When the animals were self-aware of their unique capabilities & others were on the same page too, then they lead lives of incredible potential & significance.  On the other hand, when the animals were required to accomplish tasks that were not within their natural abilities, they were quite challenged to say the least & did not have a feeling of joy.  It is a little like the absurdity of us telling the honeybees to swim & the fish to fly & collect pollen.  Why am I mentioning this book?  We can at times find ourselves “in the basement” when we try to “copy” someone else’s life.  Man, the life of the “Jones’” can appear enticing.  The emphasis is on the word, “appear.”  Don’t you find though that if you are trying to live someone else’s dream that it does not draw you to the balcony of life?  It may be something to consider.

There are countless stories that have been & continue to be shared by people with 365 challenges that blow my mind.  I applaud these champions.  They are people that have to make the decision due to the challenge within their lives to take one stair at a time to propel themselves out of the basement to the upper balcony of their own lives.  They climb so high by their life examples of inspiration, that a hook & ladder truck would be needed to reach them in the home analogy because they are not even on the upper balcony, they are on the roof!  They are so cool because while others are saying, “It cannot be done”, they are saying, “I did it already” not with words but with their lives!

My heart’s hope for you is that you are already a “hook & ladder” person & if not yet, then soon.  Let’s watch the view of the sunset from that vantage together!

Smiles, Saundie :)

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