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Bermuda Triangles & Black Holes "D" Style

21/06/2013 10:40

Have you ever searched your home up & down in an effort to find a misplaced item?  Sometimes you may have found the article & other times it just may elude you.  Does it drive you up the wall to have scoured your place & simply not be able to find this item?  Perhaps at a later date, this exact thingy reappears.  That is kind of neat when that happens.  Other times though, the item is essentially gone forever.

Are you familiar with the sayings of items seemingly going into either the “Bermuda Triangle or a Black Hole?”  How in the world do certain things end up in what would appear to be another dimension? 

Although I don’t even pretend to be a remotely organized person, I find that over the years there has been some type of order to the chaotic system that I have in place.  Usually, I can find things that I am looking for.  Sometimes it takes a little longer than say a person who has an almost “Dewey decimal “system in place yet the item is often located in fairly short order all the same. 

Oddly enough, the “Bermuda Triangle or Black Hole” that things started disappearing forever into began shortly after I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.  Maybe this is fitting since a part of my health had disappeared potentially forever at this time as well.  Strangely, over the past 5 ½ years, I have permanently misplaced 3 glucose testers.  That is odd.  Those 3 meters have never shown up again.  It’s not a huge deal because at any given time, I always have 4 glucose testers in my possession so there is never a shortage.  Still, it bugged me that these testers seemed to have grown legs & taken off somehow.  It was not so much that I was attached to these gizmos, but rather I had never been one to misplace things in general.  When things begin to bother me more & more, then I tend to institute humour.  Don’t you find that it just helps?  When something is missing now at our place, we usually point towards the culprit of Brodie.

Who’s Brodie?  Brodie is this really cool, outgoing dog that lives up north not far from my Mom & Dad’s cottage.  When our family has the fun of vacationing at Mom & Dad’s cottage in the summer, we have had the neat opportunity to hang out with Brodie over the years.  My parents encouraged Brodie’s morning visits by giving him a daily biscuit.  It did not take him long to routinely climb the stairs to Mom & Dad’s cottage each & every morning in anticipation of a biscuit & a pat on the fur.  The other cool thing was that Brodie over the years has become the resident social convener at everyone’s camp fires.  He hangs out at all the campfires probably for the socializing as well as the smells of the food cooking.  The funny thing is that Brodie is a little like Pokeroo to my husband.  Over the years, my husband & Brodie have never crossed paths.  My husband has made a joke that has stuck with the boys & me.  We have made up this legendary myth that is Brodie according to my husband.  As a result, when something goes missing at our place like left socks, or anything else, we always end up concluding that Brodie must have taken it.  It is good for a laugh.  With my imagination being fairly active, I find it really easy to picture Brodie wearing the socks & carrying my glucose testers or anything else that is missing.

This morning as I woke up with the knowledge that it was soccer Saturday, the Bermuda Triangle & the Black Hole took on a different perspective.  Like many Saturdays, my husband & I needed out of necessity to divide & conquer.  One of our sons was off to Cub camp with my husband & our youngest son needed me to take him to soccer across town.  As I put my feet on the ground first thing in the morning, I had that immediate knowledge that the morning was not going to start off exactly smoothly.  My body gave me those signals right away in the form of instant dizziness & the shakes.  What a hassle I thought to myself as I reached for my glucose tester already knowing that I was in low blood sugar.  If you too are insulin dependent, you probably are going to be relating tremendously to this feeling.  It is difficult to keep diabetes on a schedule or maintain a routine or tight time lines.    Thank goodness that the soccer game was a late morning one I thought optimistically.  The thing this morning that went surging into the black hole never to return again was time.  Hypoglycemia slowed everything down.  Brushing teeth was an exercise in concentration & so forth.  These are just routine activities yet with low blood sugar; they were like rolling a 400 lb weight up a 90 degree incline.  And when we are in low blood sugar, we also realize that we cannot drive for a considerable amount of time even after our blood sugars return to a safe range again.  It takes time to feel like ourselves again.  Even with the late start time to the game, we were still 5 minutes late.  Diabetes stole that time.  It does not bother me for my own sake but rather for the sake of a 6 year old boy who again asked whether we were going to be late.   I felt like it was time that was stolen from our son & delivered to the black hole.  Our wee son is a wise young soul yet I would love to not have to subject him to the time to time instances where we are late because Mommy had hypoglycemia.  I would love to send insulin dependent diabetes into the Bermuda Triangle or Black Hole in the form of us all finally having a cure.  Maybe Brodie is working on the cure now who knows.  Seriously though, regardless of whether time goes into the Triangle or Black Hole every once in a while, the one thing that never ever goes there is the love that I have for my family diabetes or no diabetes.  And maybe the time was not stolen but rather borrowed this morning because once we were at the game & for the rest of the day; we lived with joy every single moment together by choice.  Love is never lost & never enters the Black Hole.  We give that away.

My heart’s hope for you is that Brodie is not wearing your left socks & that the Bermuda Triangles of time due to hypoglycemia are rare.  And may the knowledge that love remains no matter what bring a smile to your heart.

Smiles, Saundie  :)

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